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StudentinformasjonVidereutdanning - Pedagogical Design with Digital and Social Media and Mobile Social Learning

Pilestredet, Oslo
Høst 2018


Det er for tiden problemer med visning av timeplanen. Vi jobber med saken.


Pedagogical Design with Digital and Social Media and Mobile Social Learning

Programme description 2018

Semester start for new students Spring 2018 - Pedagogical design with Digital and Social Media and Mobile Social Learning

Welcome to HiOA! Here you will find all relevant information concerning the semester start.

Have you accepted your offer?

You must send a confirmation of acceptance within the deadline. You can do this through Søknadsweb. Please get in touch with admission@hioa.no as soon as possible if you have accepted your offer, but are unable to participate in the programme. Remember to include your application number in the email.

Mandatory attendance Tuesday January 16th

It is mandatory to attend the first day of class, as you will be registering on this day. If you do not attend, your admission to study will be revoked.

  • Time: Tuesday 16 January,  14.30 – 16.15.
  • Place: Pilestredet 52, B323
  • Directions to Pilestredet 52

Conflicting information regarding your first day at HiOA may occur. Please note that the information on this site is the correct information. Deviations may occur in your calendar.

Are you unable to attend your first day?

If you are not able to attend the first day due to illness or other compelling reasons, you must apply for Postponed Start of Studies. Postponed Start of Studies may be granted for up to one week. Please send your application to infosenter-lui@hioa.no. Remember to include, complete name, personal ID number and study programme, in addition to date and time of when you will be able to attend.

Have you done all you need to do before you start your classes?

As a new student, there are many important things you need to sort out before your classes start. We have created a checklist for new students.

Lecture schedules

The dates for your sessions during the Spring of 2018 are Tuesday 14.30 – 16.15, Wednesday 11.30 – 13.15 and Friday 09.30 – 13.15.

You can find the room you will be in under “schedule” further up on this page. A detailed description of what happens during each session will be uploaded to the virtual learning environment before the first week of class.

Reading list, programme- and course descriptions

In the programme- and course descriptions, you will find the information you need about the content of the programme such as working methods, coursework requirements, form of examination and reading list. You will find the links to the descriptions in the semester overview at the top of this page.

If you would like to start reading in advance, please take a look at chapter 1 and 13 in the book ‘Poore, Megan (2012), Using social media in the classroom: a best practice guide, London: Sage’, before the start of the semester. We will go through the remaining part of the reading list at the beginning of each course.

Do you have any questions?

The answer to most questions can be found on student.hioa.no, but do not hesitate to get in touch with us if there is anything we can help you with. You will find the contact information in the box on the right.

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