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Wireless network for macOS

Setup of wireless network eduroam for macOS.


  • Everyone with a user account on OsloMet or another university or university college have access to "eduroam".

  • Students from other universities or university colleges must follow their institution’s setup for eduroam.

Install security settings for eduroam

  • For increased security, you should download the eduroam profile for OsloMet. This ensures that no other than authorized institutions may purport to be providers of eduroam.


  1. Automatic setup
  2. Eduroam profile setup

Note! Select manual setup if you do not have an Internet / Wi-Fi connection.

1. Automatic setup

1. Username: OsloMet
  • For students: s+student, e.g.
  • For staff:, e.g.
2. Password: OsloMet password
  • Tick: Remember this network (the password will then be saved to Keychain on your computer)

2. Eduroam profile setup

1. Download the eduroam profile

  1. Download the eduroam profile for your macOS and install the profile on your computer (
  2. Accept the certificate, press "Continue".

2. Login to Wi-Fi eduroam

1. Username: OsloMet
  • For students: s+student, e.g.
  • For staff:, e.g.
2. Password: HiOA password

3. Administrator access

Enter your administration username and password if you use it on your Mac computer (often used the Mac login username and password).

  • Name / Password: Administrator username and password.

Please note! This may differ from OsloMet username and OsloMet password.

Screenshot: Login using your Mac's admin-username and password

4. The eduroam profile status

Under User Profiles in the left menu:

  • Control the status of your HiOA eduroam connection.
Screenshot: Eduroam profile under Profiles

5. The eduroam connection

  • Check the eduroam connection at the  Wi-Fi / Air Port menu at the top right.
Screenshot: Check the status for eduroam (Wi-Fi)

Problems with eduroam connection on your Mac?

How to delete the former eduroam profile on your macOS to try to solve the problems with accessing eduroam.

Contact IT helpdesk

Network problems?