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EndNote workshop (in English)

Organize and use your references – make even better use of EndNote.

Location : P35, rom PI-343

EndNote stores and sorts your references, and makes it easier to insert citations and create a bibliography in your Word document.

This course introduce you to the more advanced functionality of EndNote. We will import references from some of the library’s databases, and find and learn how to work in imported fulltext PDF articles. We will address some common questions related to synchronizing and sharing libraries, how to back up your library, remove EndNote formatting from a text document etc. You can ask questions and work with your own EndNote or text.

Note: The workshop is for advanced learners who know how to handle references and who are familiar with EndNote. If you want to use your own computer/mac, EndNote MUST be installed correctly and work with Word or other text processor.

A course by Learning Centre and Library.
Drop in – no sign up!