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VPN for Windows

Setup of VPN client Viscosity for Windows.

Note! Follow the instructions carefully and as described otherwise the program will not be licensed and settings to connect to OsloMet will not bed added correctly.


  • The computer must have access to Internet.
  • You must have administrator access on your computer.

For OsloMet PC

  • The VPN client Viscosity is pre-installed on all Windows computers hosted by OsloMet. Follow the instructions for how to start and how to log off the Viscosity client.

1. Install the VPN client Viscosity for Windows 10

1.1 Download and open the VPN client Viscosity

1.1.1 Download the .exe-file
  1. Download the setup file from URL:
  2. Click: Run (Kjør)

If problems running the file, select "More info" and "Run the install".

Skjermbilde Win10: Installer setup-fil for Viscosity.

1.1.2 Install Viscosity
  • Click: Next

Skjermbilde Win10: Installer setup-fil for Viscosity - trykk Neste.

1.1.3 Cont. Install Viscosity
  • Click: Install

Skjermbilde Win10: Installer setup-fil for Viscosity - trykk Install.

1.1.4 Completing the setup

When installation is complete:

  • Click: Finish

Skjermbilde Win10: Installer setup-fil for Viscosity - trykk Finish.

1.1.5 Viscosity is now installed

You can close the window shown below.

Skjermbilde Win10: Viscosity er installert. Vindu kan lukkes.

1.2 Start Viscosity

1.2.1 Search for Viscosity
  1. Search for Viscosity - and when the search result is visible:
  2. Click on: Viscosity - from the Windows menu (the Start menu)

Skjermbilde Win10: Start Viscosity fra Windows-menyen.

1.2.2 Start Viscosity from the task bar
  • Click on the icon for Viscosity (a circle with a key lock) in the taskbar.

If the icon is not visible, you need to start Viscosity from the Start menu as shown above.

Skjermbilde Win10: Start ikonet Viscosity fra oppgavelinjen.

1.3 Connect to HiOA-VPN

  1. Click on the icon for Viscosity (circle with a key lock).
  2. Select: Connect HiOA-VPN.

Skjermbilde Win10: Start Viscosity fra Windows-menyen - trykk Connect HiOA-VPN.

1.3.1 Username and password


  • Username: OsloMet username
  • Password: OsloMet password
  • Tick: Remember my credentials - if you want the computer to remember your password at login.

Skjermbilde Win10: Skriv inn brukernavn og passord.

1.3.2 Connected to HiOA-VPN

The computer is now connected to HiOA VPN. A message "HiOA-VPN is connected" is visible above the taskbar.

Skjermbilde Win10: HiOA-VPN er tilkoblet din PC.


1.4 Connect to file server

To access your files, connect to your home and public directory.

1.5 Disconnect HiOA-VPN

  1. Click on the arrow in the taskbar to show the menu.
  2. Click: Disconnect HiOA-VPN (the Viscosity icon / the key lock) to disconnect.

Skjermbilde Win10: Koble fra Viscosity fra oppgavelinjen nederst.

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