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User account and password

User account provides you access to services and systems at HiOA. Read more about username, password and PIN code.


User account | Username | Password | PIN code | Access to HiOA's IT services

User account

When you start your studies, you get a user account that provides access to e-mail, Fronter, Studentweb, all computers on campus, wireless network and access to a range of services at HiOA.

New student?

New students must first activate user account to get access to services and systems:

  1. Upon initial login, use PIN (4 digits) as a password when you activate your user account.
  2. Then create your own password.

Login problems?

  • Always use small letter (s) in front student number. Your username is: s + student number, e.g. s123456.
  • If you have entered the wrong password six times in a row, the user account gets locked. To unlock your user account, you must either wait 30 minutes or contact ICT Support (BIT) (see contact info).
  • If you have not paid the semester fee within the appointed deadlines, your user account will be locked and your student status will be deactivated. Please contact your faculty if your student user account is locked.
  • User account (including e-mail, Fronter, access to your files, student card, etc.) will be blocked 90 days after your studies are registered as completed.
  • Read guidelines for students' access to HiOAs network.


Your username is used for logging into all systems at HiOA and Feide login (, e-mail, Fronter, Studentweb, HiOA computers, etc.).

  • The username is the same as the student number and have the following format: "s + 6 digits", e.g. "s123456". Note! If you have a zero in front, please remove it.
  • You will also find your username, s+student number, in front of your student card.


Your password is the same for all systems at HiOA, such as e-mail, Fronter, Studentweb, Feide login and HiOA computers.

Forgot your password?

Receive a new temporary password via SMS.

  • If you are not registered with a correct Norwegian mobile number, you cannot use the service.
  • You must first update/change your phone number in Studentweb before ordering a new temporary password.

Add a Norwegian phone number on Studentweb

  • Login to Studentweb with your ID number / Social Security Number (11 digits) and PIN (4 digits).
  • Add the correct Norwegian mobile number under "Profile".

Change your password?

PIN (4 digits)

In addition to HiOA password, you also have a PIN (4 digits). It is used in two cases:

  1. To get access to buildings and rooms together with your student card.
  2. To login to Studentweb with ID number / Social Security Number (11 digits) and PIN (4 digits) if you can not login with a username and password/Feide login.

New student and missing the PIN?

The PIN is sent by e-mail one week before the semester.

If you have not received the PIN code, you must contact the information center at your faculty.

Forgot your PIN?

You can receive the PIN code for your private e-mail from the login page on Studentweb.

  • Select: "Norwegian ID number and PIN"
  • Fill in your Norwegian ID number (11 digits)
  • Click the link: "Send new PIN to your email".

If you do not have your correct e-mail address registered in Studentweb you will not receive the PIN code. Do the following:

Change your PIN code?

You can change your PIN in Studentweb.

E-mail, storage, access to Wi-Fi and remote access

Contact IT Support

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