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Orientation day and welcome ceremony

All international students are encouraged to join us on our Orientation Day. This will kick start your studies here at OsloMet. Welcome!

Orientation Day 13. August 2017

We encourage all new international students to attend our Orientation Day on 13th of August in the Auditorium Athene in Pilestredet 46 (building name: P46). The tentative programme for Orientation Day can be found here.

This is also the first event of Buddy Week, where you will get to know fellow students who will help you settle in at OsloMet. Together with your buddy group, you will participate in a buddy week programme consisting of lots of different social activities arranged by OsloMet.

The date and time for your first day of class can be found on or your admissions letter. Contact your international coordinator if in doubt.

Welcome Ceremony

There will be a welcome ceremony for all new students at the outdoor park St. Hanshaugen.

If you study at Kjeller or Sandvika, you will be driven to Oslo by bus.

At St. Hanshaugen you can buy food and beverages, and there will be entertainment on stage and speeches from among others, the rector! . It will be music and good atmosphere!

Everything is finished approx. kl. 16.30. After that, you can continue on the activities your buddy group has planned if you want.