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Meet the Finalists for Student of the Year

Gitte Marie Heggheim won Student of the Year in 2017. Who will win this year?

Meet the Finalists for Student of the Year

Students, faculty and staff have submitted their nominations for Student of the Year. One of these three finalists will be declared the winner at the Student Leaders Conference on 25 September.

Student of the year is awarded to a student who has excelled in his or her contributions to the student community at OsloMet, and has been a role model for other students.

This annual prize is awarded to a student who has distinguished him- or herself through actions and efforts that have:

  • made significant positive and lasting contributions to the study and learning environment at OsloMet
  • contributed to strengthening their academic department or bolstering OsloMet’s reputation in Norway and/or abroad
  • supported OsloMet in realizing its strategic goals and helped and/or promoted OsloMet’s core values: diversity, learning and innovation
  • been a role model through his or her efforts and achievements in his or her own studies

You can read more about the criteria for selection here

The nomination period yielded 16 candidates, from which the jury has selected three finalists. The winner will be announced at the annual conference for student leaders 25 September. The winner will receive a certificate of honor and a 5,000 kroner credit toward book purchases.

Here is a look at the three finalists:

Emma van de Wettering (International Social Welfare and Health Policy)

Emma, an international student originally from the Netherlands, was nominated specifically because of her efforts to make OsloMet a more inclusive place for international students. She has proposed a number of changes that would improve the experience of this group of students. Her proposals have been both constructive and specific, and have resulted in new ways of communicating with international students and more clearly spelled-out policies and practices. Emma has played a key role in the establishment of an international buddy network that has resulted in a better structured and more inclusive orientation experience for incoming international students. Alongside this considerable engagement, Emma has completed her master’s degree on schedule.

Sunniva Myhrene Bråten (Teacher Education Program)

Sunniva’s nomination reflects her longstanding commitment to improving the study environment at OsloMet. She has been active in a range of student societies and organs of campus democracy, serving as President of the Student Parlament and the Student Council for the Faculties, member of the OsloMet board, as well as being active in several other student societies. Sunniva has contributed to the creation of new social arenas for first-year students, both in student societies and in the student democracy. She has been particularly committed to working to ensure that diverse student perspectives are reflected in these arenas and included in all aspects of student life. Finally, she can point to consistently solid academic results even while maintaining this high level of engagement.

Alexander Dahlin (Bachelor in Economics and Administration)

Alexander’s nomination reflects his contributions both to the study environment and to the culture of innovation at OsloMet. Alexander is the primary architect behind the Mentor Initiative, a student organization based at the OsloMet Business School that seeks to connect students to promote the exchange of knowledge, motivation and learning between mentors and mentees. Alexander has established a reputation as a student leader among his peers, and serves as social chair for Næringslivsutvalget and as substitute class representative. Finally, Alexander has held several lectures for his fellow students on the subject of study skills and how to be a successful student, two areas in which his academic results qualify him as a resource for his fellow students.      

The jury comprises Nina Waaler, the Vice Rector for Education and the jury chair, Steinar Olberg of the Section for Research and Development, Ingvild Straume and Ingrid Ruud Knudsen from the OsloMet board, Jeanett Andersen, the Student Parliament’s Officer of Student Environment, and Ingvild Garmo Nilsson and Henrik Hung Haram of Welfare Council’s Cultural Board.