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Printer setup for Linux

Set up Pullprint or other available multifunction printer (MFP) on a Linux Ubuntu computer.

1. Connect to the HiOA network

The computer must be connected to the HiOA network to be able to print documents.

Choose between: 

2. Start setup

  • Go to System Settings
  • Choose Printers

Systeminstillinger Linux

3. Add printer

  • Choose: Add - to add a printer

Legg til skriver

4. Settings

1. Choose: "Windows Printer via Samba" (see red square below)

2. SMB Printer (fill inn the following address):

3. Add your HiOA username and passord:

  • Username (for student): s123456 
  • Password: HiOA password

4. Click on: Forward

Skjermbilde: Legg inn smb-adresse, brukernavn og passord

5. Driver setup

Start setup for driver:

  1. Choose: "Select printer from database"

  2. Choose: "Generic (recommended)" for printer

  3. Click on: Forward

Slik velger du driver for skriver med Linux

6. Driver Settings

Choose Driver:

  1. Model (first column): Set driver model to "PostScript"
  2. Choose driver: "Generic PostScript Printer Foomatic/..."

Slik setter du driverdetaljer for skriver med Linux

7. Finish setup

Describe Printer:

  1. Choose a name/location to describe the printer, for example: "Pullprint"
  2. Click "Apply" to finish the setup

Slik fullfører du oppsett av skriver for Linux

8. Printer is added

  • Printer is now added.

Skriver for LInux er lagt til

9. Server setup

  • Run the command: sudo vim /etc/samba/smb.conf

Serveroppsett for skriver med Linux

10. Client protocol and workgroup

  • Set client min protocol to: "SMB2"
  • Set client mac protocol to: "SMB3"
  • Set workgroup to: "ADA"

11. Restart smbd

  • Run command: "sudo service smdb restart"

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