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Overview of Pullprint - multifunction printers (MFP) at both campuses.


About the multifunction printer

Printers at campus Pilestredet

Printers at campus Kjeller

About the Multifunction printer

Multifunction printer (MFP) with options for copy, print and scan. Paper size A3 and A4 in colour or black & white.

Default: Black & White (B&W). Mounted reader for reading (authentication) of access cards.

Printers at campus Pilestredet

Overview of Pullprint - multifunction printers (MFP) at campus Pilestredet.

Pilestredet 52 (P52)

  • At the reception, ground floor
  • Canteen
  • A416 In the hallway
  • A425
  • B315

Pilestredet 50 (P50)

  • At the reception ground floor
  • H118 In the hallway

Pilestredet 48 (48)

  • 3rd floor at the reception
  • P570 In the hallway
  • R106 Left side
  • R106 Right side

Pilestredet 44 (P44)

  • Ground floor. In the hallway

Pilestredet 35 (P35)

  • PI318 Learning centre and library
  • PI418 In the hallway
  • PH375 Learning centre and library
  • PH451
  • PH571
  • PH610
  • PH810

Pilestredet 32 (P32)

  • 4th floor (MFP). In the hallway
  • 4th floor. By the entrance, Learning centre and library

Pilestredet park 33 (PP33)

  • U1-054

Pilestredet park 35 (PP35)

  • PP35-U1-019. In the hallway.

Falbesgate 5 (FG5)

  • FG152. Ground floor (MFP). In the hallway, outside the room for master students.

Falbesgate 18 (FG18)

  • FG18. In the hallway

 Stensberggata 26 (SG26)

  • X100. In the hallway
  • X700

 Stensberggata 29 (SG29)

  • In the basement

Printers at campus Kjeller

Overview of Pullprint - multifunction printers (MFP) at campus Kjeller.


  • KA314
  • KA323
  • KF210 In the hallway (3 printers)
  • KF301 Learning centre and library


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