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Submitting answer papers in Inspera

How to submit answer papers and written assignments in Inspera.

Log on to Inspera

Go to (Change language in the top right corner)

Use your Feide username and password (same as in Fronter).

Is it a group assignment? Click here for more information.

Preperation movie

Your assignment

1) Click on "Start test"

2) Click on "Edit" to open the test.

3) The exam administration will often give important information on the front page. Read this before you submit!

4) Upload your assignment.

You can only upload one file. You will be informed if any particular format is required, often PDF.

  • Click Select file to upload - and browse
  • Choose the correct file
  • Make sure the upload is successful.

  • You can replace the chosen file - Replace
  • You can download your file to get a priview - Download

The exam adminitration determines whether candidates are allowed to submit once or multiple times. If this is not allowed the submit now option will show.


Submit you assignment


When your exam is uploaded you will get the following confirmation:


After the deadline you will se your receipt for submission under archive.


How to delete metadata (author information) from documents

To ensure your anonymity, you should delete metadata (author information) from the files your are submitting. Here are guidelines on how you delete metadata from Word and PDF files.