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Buddy week - Economic, administration and social studies

Here you can find the buddy program for economic, administration and social studies for Autumn 2017.

Welcome to the buddy program for new students at

  • Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor Programme in Child Care and Welfare (fulltime/part time), economical and administrational courses, Master Programme in Applied Social Sciences - Programme option Social Work and Master's Programme in Business Administration, Department of Archivistics, Library and Information Science.


Important information

  • As a new student you’re automatically assigned a buddy group. You don’t have to sign up. Activities are not mandatory, but we recommend that you attend.
  • If buddy activities collide with mandatory classes, always priority going to class.
  • In the event of any changes to the activities described in this program, your buddy will keep you updated.
  • Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the buddy association or the contact persons listed for each day. (see the program bellow)
    • Christian Hansen, 97875108,
    • Susanne Styrmoe, 47675795,


Tuesday August 15th

Contact persons for the day: Christian Hansen (97875108) and Stig Mamelund (46544975)

15.00 – 16.30
Welcoming ceremony and concert for all new students at St. Hanshaugen.

20:00- 03:00:

Kick-off party at Chateau Neuf for all new students at HiOA.

Wednesday August 16th

Contact persons for the day: Christian Hansen (97875108) and Susanne Styrmoe (47675795)

17.00 – 19.00
We will arrange a café visit at Espresso House. This is a sober get together, where everyone can join. We will compliment you with a coffee and some cake.

19.00 – 03.00
Full Moon Party at Ingensteds.


Thursday August 17th

Contact persons for the day: Christian Hansen (97875108) and Stinius Kristoffersen (41088481)

19.00 – 01.00
Quiz night at Samfunnet Bislett.

This day we welcome everybody to an evening with quiz. The focus will be on the quiz and not alcohol. The quiz will consist of a great amount of questions in mixed categories. The three best teams will get prizes.


Friday August 18th

Contact persons for the day: Christian Hansen (97875108) and Erlend Klepsvik (99437715)

11.00 – 15.00
Student association day at campus Pilestredet.
Your buddies will take you there at a convenient time (when you’re not in class).
Student life will be more fun if you join a student association. On this day you can visit the stands of every student association at HiOA and find the one that best suits your interests.

16.00 – 20.00
Pub Crawl, it’s going to be over 20 different places to visit. Each bar will have a task which your group will have to complete. The three best groups will get prizes!

20.00 – 03.00
After the pub crawl we want to continue the celebration. To make the night even greater we are going to host the costume party of the decade. We have no theme, and each group are free to pick their own costumes and concept. We hope that each group choose a concept and stay true to it. The group with the best costumes or concept will sometime during the evening be rewarded with a prize.


Saturday August 19th

Contact persons for the day: Christian Hansen (97875108) and Stig Mamelund (46544975)

11.00 – 18.00
Get to know Oslo! Your buddy will take you on a get to know the city-day for all new students in Oslo. Visit attractions, participate in activities and explore new venues in Oslo. Everything is free! For more information, visit:

Hovedøya: We are hosting a barbeque with a lot of games, activities and competitions with prizes. We will provide food and non-alcoholic beverage.

19.00 – 03.00
This is the last day off the week, and Studentslippet are hosting a party at Chateau Neuf.


Wednesday August 23rd

Contact person for the day: Christian Hansen (97875108)

1700-20:00: Sports day at Voldsløkka. Some of the hosted activities will be among others football and volleyball. We will also provide food.


Thursday August 24th

Contact person for the day: Christian Hansen (97875108)

11.00 – 15.00
Student support day at campus Pilestredet.
Buddies will take you there at a convenient time (when you’re not in class).

Get to know what HiOAs has to offer you as a new student. On this day you can visit different stands with all our support services from career advising and library services to IT-support and our University Chaplain.