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Buddy week - Kjeller

Here you can find the buddy program for study programs at Kjeller - Autumn 2017.

Welcome to buddyweek for students at HiOA Kjeller, for students who starts their bachelor in  HF, LUI and vocational subject.

Important information about buddyweek

  •       As a new student you will automaticly get signed in a buddygroup, and you dont need to sign up
  •       The buddy activities are not mandatory, but we encourage every new student to join!
  •       Remember that you always have to prioritize your classes before the buddyweekprogram, if anything happens at the same time.
  •       It can occure changes in the buddyweek program, your buddies will keep you updated if any changes occure.
  •       Questions? Dont hesitate to contakt us in the buddyboard, or the persons that are in charge of the activites that day (see program)

Tuesday 15. august

13.00 – 14.00 Meeting with the buddies
The buddies will meet you by the reception at HiOA Kjeller, and your group travels together to St. Hanshaugen in Oslo by bus.

15.00 – 16.30 Welcoming ceremony
Welcoming cermony and consert for all the new students at St. Hanshaugen in Oslo.

19.00 – 02:00 Party for HiOA students at Chateau Neuf

Open house for HiOA students at Chateau Neuf - The Norwegian Student Society

Wednesday 16. august

Responsible contact person in the board of directors: Ingri Malene Bjarkøy

11:00-13:00 Joint lunch for students

We organize a common lunch for all the new students and their buddies at Kjeller. Religious diets and allergies such as gluten and lactose will be accomodatet for. 

17:00-19:00 Get to know HiOA Kjeller

We drive rebus runs on HiOA Kjeller! Here will you  get to know your new school. The Rebus begins 17:00 at school and ends 19:00. The prices for best time will be announced at Martins in Lillestrom city center 21:00.

21:00 to 02:00 Toga-party on Martins!

It organizes theme party at Martins in Lillestrøm. Dress up in your best Greek costume, and come to ancient Greece. There will be a price for best costume

Thursday 17th of August

Contact person of the day: Maria Hansen

Fadderullan will set up a concert venue in Oslo to organize their traditional concert experience Idyll, 17 August. This is our best event and the concert's headliner is Postgiro-built.

20:00 - 02:00 Hawaii party at Klimt

Hawaii party at Klimt in Lillestrøm, where it will be 50 NOK entrance fee.

Friday 18th of August

Responsible contact person in the board of directors: Maria Hansen

15:00 to 17:00 Common barbecue on the roof terrace at HiOA Kjeller

It serves shared barbecue food and non-alcoholic drinks for those who wish. You can also bring your own. Religious diets and allergies such as gluten and lactose will be accomodatet for. 

Saturday, August 19th

Contact person of the day: Jesper Haug Jørgensen

11.00 - 18.00 Studentslippet

Find your Oslo! Your buddies will take you to Oslo's day for all new students. Visit cultural attractions, participate in various activities and explore new areas in Oslo for free. See more at

Monday August 21st

Contact person of the day: Ingri Malene Bjarkøy

20:00-02:00 BBQ and quiz

We are organizing a common BBQ, and trying to get together a Quiz.

Tuesday 22 August

Contact person of the day: Jesper Haug Jørgensen

11:00-13:00 Student life day

HiOA will display some of the available resources the students have like a guidance counselor. There will also be a display of some of the different social clubs one can be a member of. 

16:00-19:00 Student Battle!

We organize Student Battle in cooperation with the “Romerikskirken” (OKS). This event is religion-free and alcohol-free. The buddies and the new students form teams and play against each other in various social activities and games. The best team gets a prize!

Wednesday 23 August

17:00 - 20:00 Sports day

Sports day at Voldsløkka in Oslo. There will be many different activities and fun! Buddyboard OTS sports day at Voldsløkka. Bring your classmates to the big sportsday at Ekeberg. Make a team of 10 and join in! The board has arranged for a multitude of activities, games and competitions. Free barbecue and drinks will also be served to anyone who participates. The winning team and the following prize award will be held at the end of the day. Sign your team up by e-mailing by 15:00 wednesday the 23rd of august. 

Thursday, August 24th

Responsible contact person in the board of directors: Jesper Jørgensen

11: 00-16: 00

  •        Student support center in Pilestredet 52.
  •        The buddies  will take part when there is free time in your study program.
  •        Get to know the offer HiOA has for you as a student. This day, visiting can provide guidance, student counsel, career support and many other offers that are important to you when you go to student life.

Friday 25-Saturday 26


From august 25-26 there will be trhown one of lillestrøms biggest festivals. As a student at HiOA Kjeller you will get a student discount. This is one festival you dont want to miss!

FORZA festival 2017 on facebook