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Handbook for buddies

Information, programme, guide and advice for buddies.


Buddy week programme

Welcome seremony for new students 15th of  August

Campus Pilestredet

Campus Kjeller

Buddy checklist

Make sure you check out all tasks on this list. Start on your first day you meet your new students. 

  • Introduce yourself and give everyone your phone number.
  • Make sure everyone has had a chance to introduce themselves to the group.
  • Play a get to know each other game.
  • You have written down the name of all people in yourgroupand memorised.
  • Everyone has the SiO calendar.
  • Created a Facebook-group and added all your students in it. (Add a group photo!)
  • Added your contact information in the Facebook group
  • Given a guided tour on campus.
  • Given a guided tour in Oslo/Lillestrøm/Sandvika
  • Ask your studetns if they have any questions and answered them.
  • All students have their student card or know when they will get one.
  • Told your students where they can buy a cheap lunch or dinner.
  • Everyone knows where they can buy or borrow books from the curriculum.

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Being a buddy

Your role and tasks as a buddy.

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  • Prepare a dinner together with your group of students. Then you will get to know each other well. 
  • Go to the movies, participate in a quiz, go bowling, watch impro theater or stand up.
  • Organise a movie night or a board game night
  • Have a barbecue in a park or at a beach
  • Go to a museum
  • Go walking along the Aker river
  • Go camping in Nordmarka
  • Have lunch at the Opera roof!
  • Q &A , do they have any questions?
  • Bring your students to a book store to shop the books they need.

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Guided tour on campus

(Your buddy board might have a guide already, ask them!)

You need to bring the new students on a guided tour on campus. They need to get to know the campus area. Remember that what might seem obvious to you can be quite overwhelming for new students.

At the back of the SiO-calendar there is a map that you and your students can use. 

Places you should visit

  • The buildings where you have lectures and workshops. 
    • Show how to get to the different rooms in a building, where to find the toilets and places to work in nearby. 
    • Explain how to find the different rooms based on their room number. 
  • Reading rooms andcomputer rooms
  • Group rooms and work spaces
  • Information center at your faculty / Servicetorget Kjeller
  • The libraries (P32, P35, P48 and Kjeller)
  • Computer helpers at the libraries. 
  • The study workshops at P48 and Kjeller
  • The exam office in P46
  • Student chaplain  in P46
  • The card center in P46
  • The Student Parliaments office in P46
  • The student ombudsperson in  P46
  • The Student Society Bislett (in P52)
  • Cafeterias and coffee shops
  • Akademika book stores  (P35, P50 and Kjeller)

Guided tour in Oslo/Lillestrøm/Sandvika

Take your group on a guided tour in the city  around the campus area. A lot ot them ar enew in town and need to get the city better. Listen to what the students want and need to know.  Here are some suggestions of places to visit;

  • Take the tram, bus, metro or boat to well known places in the area.
  • Both Oslo and Lillestrøm have city bikes, show them to your students!
  • Visit one of these parks
    • Frognerparken
    • Torshovdalen
    • Voldsløkka
    • Myraløkka,
    • Kubaparken etc.
  • Nice weather?  Go for a swim or relax at the beach:
    • The islands in the Oslo fjord, like Hovedøya
    • Huk at Bygdøy
    • Sørenga
    • Sognsvann
    • Tjuvholmen
  • Be a tourist in your town and visit

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Nice to know

For those questions you can't answer or are afraid to give wrong information about important deadlines

Bring your students to the closest information/servicetorg or refer to the SiO-calender or

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Emergency and contact information

Contact information to  your buddy board on buddy week programme


Fire 110 • Police 112 • Ambulance 113

Emergency health care: 

Oslo: 22 93 22 93

Lillestrøm: 66 93 66 93

Asker og Bærum: 116 117

Security service at HiOA: 409 11 000

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