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Contact Faculty of Health Sciences

The Information Centre at the Faculty of Health Sciences (Pilestredet 32)

The Information Centre is located by the main entrance in Pilestredet 32.

The Information Centre provides the following services:

  • Finding the right person at the faculty
  • Submission of certificate of good conduct (can also be submitted at the Service Centre at Kjeller)
  • Submission of forms
  • Semester registration and semester fee

Section for Academic Affairs

Please use our contact form to get in touch with the right case officer in Section for Academic Affairs. They answer questions regarding

  • Examinations, explanations for the determination of grades and appeals
  • Excemption
  • Fronter
  • Recognition of former education
  • Medical testing
  • Transfers
  • Leave of absence
  • Practical training
  • Studentweb
  • Individual adaptation of studies
  • Postponed start of studies
  • Student exchange
  • Counselling (administrative or academic)
  • Diplomas

Counselling at the faculty

If you need counselling in connection with your progress of study, please send an e-mail to or complete the contact form to make an appointment.

Please state your student ID number, name, telephone number and give us a short description of what you need counselling in.

Contact the Faculty of Health Sciences