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Complete deletion of content on an external drive

Before a memory stick or a external hard drive is discarded you should make sure that all content is completely erased.


Delete content on an external drive/memory stick

Delete content on an external drive/memory stick with CCleaner


Delete content on an external drive/memory stick

1. Insert an external hard drive/memory stick

  1. Insert the external drive/memory stick to your computer.
  2. Open the File Explorer. In the left menu: Locate the drive you want to erase.
  3. Right click on the drive and select "Format..."

2. Formatting the drive

  1. Select the file formatting process for the drive, either NTFS, FAT or FAT32 (
  2. Tick for "Quick Format".
  3. Click on "Start" and confirm to erase all data on the drive.
  4. All content is now erased and is ready to be discarded or reused.

Skjermbilde: Velg FAT32 som er standard og Quick Format. Klikk OK

Delete content on an external drive/memory stick with CCleaner

1. Open CCleaner

  1. Insert the Memory Stick in the PC.
  2. Open the programme CCleaner from the Start menu.
  3. Choose: Tools in the left menu
  4. Then choose:  Drive Wiper

Skjermbilde: Åpne CCleaner fra startmenyen på HiOA-PC, velg Drive Wiper under Verktøy


2. Drive Wiper

  1. In the first dropdown Wipe, select: Entire Drive (All data will be erased)
  2. In the next drop down Security: Choose Very Complex Overwrite (35 passes)
  3. In the list, select: Memory Stick / Removable Disk (E:)
  4. Click Wipe

Skjermbilde: Velg minnepenn og hvordan du vil slette data

3. Erasing the drive from CCleaner

  1. Write: ERASE in the new warning dialog box.
  2. Click OK

Skjermbilde: Skrive ERASE i dialogboksen

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