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Application for a fourth attempt at an exam – SAM

In exceptional cases, students who have failed an exam three times may be granted a fourth attempt. Such applications are considered by a committee consisting of members of staff and students.

How your application is considered

Applications for a fourth attempt are only granted in exceptional cases.

When considering your application, the committee will take the following into account:

  • the arguments put forward in the application and the enclosed documentation
  • whether the applicant has failed to make use of other rights before applying
  • whether the study programme in questions is to be discontinued. Note: This does not apply to changes in/discontinuation of individual courses, only entire study programmes
  • whether the course can be easily replaced with another course offered at HiOA or other educational institutions

Formal requirements of the application

  • You must use the application form.
  • You must have undertaken three attempts at the exam in question before you apply for a fourth.
  • You cannot have an appeal pending in the course in question when you apply for a fourth attempt.
  • You must enclose valid documentation to confirm the circumstances you describe in your application. Examples of such documentation include medical certificates, specialist declarations/statements, or documentation from lawyers or public bodies. This list is not exhaustive.
  • Please note that declarations and certificates must be written specifically for this application.

If the formal requirements are not met, the application may be rejected.

Do you have questions about how to complete the form, documentation requirements or similar? Contact the committee's secretary, Silje Carstens Varden.

Composition of the committee

The following members have been appointed to the committee for fourth exam attempts for the academic year 2014–2015:

Elin Maria Andersson (student)
Deputy: Peter Finden Bamrud

Anne Hege Simonsen (teaching/research)
Deputy: Elisabeth Grønning

Marcin Klusak (administration)
Deputy: Kristin Alexandersen

Secretary: Silje Carstens Varden

Relevant regulations

The Regulations relating to Studies and Examinations at HiOA, Section 5-4, reads as follows: 'A student may take an examination in the same subject or course three times. The Faculty Board or Committee appointed by the Faculty Board may in special cases give exemption for a fourth and last attempt to take an examination.'

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