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Admissions counselling

Are you wondering how you can use your current education to specialise further in your field?

HiOA offers one-year programmes, master’s degree programmes, further and continuing education programmes that may provide you with professional specialisation within your field

Admissions counselling includes guidance relating to admission requirements for the different study programmes and the application process in general.

HiOA offers drop-in counselling. Everyone that arrives within the drop-in hours will be able to talk to a counsellor. Please bring relevant documents with you.

If you would like to talk to us about your choices and possibilities regarding the studies that HiOA offers, you can request an appointment for student counselling.

Time and place for admission counselling sessions:

We offer counselling sessions in the Studenthouse in Pilestredet 52, 1st floor and at Kjeller. 

Admission counselling sessions will be offered again in the end of August 2018. Welcome back!

Contact information

Do you have any questions relating to admissions counselling?